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    • transpiration / evaporation

      ...transpiration指的是身體排汗的動作 用在具有生命的物體上 像植物也可以用transpiration 而evaporation特指經由熱力而蒸發的動作 通常是指水經由蒸發變成氣體的過程 順便告訴你 evaporation...

    • Evaporation is the proces

      由於過程描述的是動態的東西, 所以要將敘述字句加於"過程"這個字後面的話, 通常都要用 in that 或是 in which所以修改為 in that 或 in which 即可

    • 我要問關於water cycle的問題

      ... Introduction Precipitation, evaporation, and transpiration are all terms that sound familiar...and eventually flows back into the oceans where evaporation starts the process anew. Learn a lot more about...