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    deviate from

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    • 幫忙財金英文方面的翻譯

      ..., less-than-perfect replication could cause a fund's return to randomly deviate from the index even if the fund's beta is one on average. 再來就是,差強人意...

    • 幫我翻譯2小段關於麥當勞的

      ...森林雨林地。 Any McDonald supplier that is found to deviate from this policy or that cannot prove compliance with it will be immediately ...

    • 「oblong」到底是長方形還是橢圓形? Oblong means deviating from a square, circular, or spherical form by elongation in one dimension 偏離的正方形或圓形,或者是有一個過長一邊的圓 就是指 不是正的矩形或不是正圓,都可以叫做oblong