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    • spatial temperature deviation

      ...固定翻譯。 我在這裏僅將意思解釋一下,無法提供名詞確切翻譯。 spatial temperature deviation 最高溫和最低溫的兩個觀測站之間的溫度差異 ( the spatial temperature deviation, ...

    • deviantart 的Deviation是要做甚麼

      Deviation is the thing you have or do that is "very" different from what.... Tattoo, for example, has been in and out of deviation many times in human history.

    • 數學 standard deviation在英文題目的翻譯

      standard deviation : 標準差 (1)是指每一個容器都有實驗開始時水量的30%在實驗過程中被移開. 意指實驗結束時的狀態.