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  1. devote oneself to


    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 專心於;獻身於 He often devoted himself to reading. 他常常專心於閱讀。
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    • 英文文法和片語

      devote (verb) oneself (noun) to something (noun)--- if you devote yourself to something, you....g. 50 years on, the couple are still devoted to one another./ she is devoted to her ...

    • to + ving

      ... to=speak of+Ving with a view to=with an eye to +Ving oneself to=be devoted to+Ving object to=be oppose to=have an obejction to...

    • to 的用法 ?

      ...e)to apply oneself to N / Ving專心於 f)to commit / dedicate / devote oneself to N / Ving 致力於 ps. exert oneself to RV 致力...