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    dialling codes
  1. dialing code

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    • 1. (電話等的)區域號碼 The dialing code for the London area is 01. 倫敦地區的電話區號是01。



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    • 請問多益文法改錯

      ...this machine, remember to enter the area code of the number that you are dialing. area code 指的是區域號碼,像是台北02台中04等等 用 "of" the number指...

    • 飯店房間內的英文標示

      ... room 123. 2. To call outside of the Hotel: Please dial 0+ 1+(country code for overseas call)+(area code outside of the city)+ object phone number, e.g. 由...

    • 這幾句英文的意思跟回答 person or station to station, to make long distance call from Taiwan, you should dial 002-(country code)-(area code)-(local number). 不論是人對人或站對站,從台灣外撥國際電話...