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    • 中翻英(Artificially high prices)

      ...the South African conglomerate that has an 80% stake in world diamond supply. 南非這企業集團在世界鑽石市場供應佔八成。 By strictly regulating...

    • 消費習慣改變原因,請幫我中翻英,20點祭上

      ...less than the demand. Than up to full level, the supply depend on making their new products...and after that they could require experts for some diamonds. So becoming an expert consumption that must...

    • 英翻中 國貿理論

      ...領先地位。 So far the company has managed to soak up excess supply by buying up most of the diamonds in the world. 目前為止 De Beers 鑽石公司已設法藉由買下世界上...