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    die in action

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    • 終極警探3的電影教學?

      ... is back as John McClaine for another non-stop, action packed adventure in Die Hard: With a Vengeance. Things are not...

    • 英文 文章 改錯 高手請幫忙 20點(危險運動)

      ...approximately 500 sport players around the world who died in dangerous sports each year. Secondly... may be injured by imitating actions that they learn from dangerous sport in television ...

    • 英文單字拆開念變成一個句子

      ...情人一樣永不分開    i.n.d.i.a. 印度 i nearly died in adoration. 我差點在狂愛中死去    k.e.n.y.a...a,n,a,t,d,i,d加拿大 cute and naughty action that developed into attraction 可愛和頑皮的...