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    • 這段我看不懂請幫我翻譯!!英文

      ..., 'is right reason consonant with nature, diffused among all men. 他宣稱”真正的法律&rdquo...may it be repealed even in part, nor have we power through Senate or people to free ourselves from it...

    • a rose is a rose is a rose翻譯

      Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose 玫瑰是玫瑰是玫瑰是玫瑰 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 取自 維基百科,免費的百科全書。 "Rose is a rose is a...

    • 請幫我翻譯關於產品使用方法~贈20點

      ...away from head. Spray into dried hair, work through from root to ends and then distribute evenly for ...finger comb if desired. Allow to air dry or diffuse with blow-dryer. 將產品噴濕於乾髮或濕潤[不用...