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  1. diffusion

    • IPA[dɪˈfjuːʒn]



    • n.
  2. 知識+

    • 有甚麼方法可測自己擴散 (self-diffusion)

      Self-diffusion ---------------------- According to the 2nd edition of the IUPAC ...chemical potential gradient equals zero. It is linked to the diffusion coefficient Di by the equation:

    • 請問"副牌"的英文要怎麼說?

      副牌:diffusion line/second line Armani Exchange 是 Giorgio Armani的副牌。Armani Exchange is the second line of Giorgio Armani.台灣稱為副牌,外國稱為副線或第二線

    • 20點 老師救我 有翻譯出來了但怪怪的 幫通順翻譯...

      ... factors having to do with the diffusion of innovations indicate what opportunities... the spread of culture by means of diffusion processes. 運用普及的過程, 遷移促進了文化的...