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    • Overpack Used (合成包裝)

      ...: IATA ICAO 5;2.40(b) Dimensions: 4" נ3" (10.16 cm נ7.62 cm) Material: ... you have any queries, you may contact:

    • 專業英翻中是有關軸封(2)

      ...平衡型機械軸封(有或無短套筒) Fig. 3.10 Dimensions of Stuffing Box (per IS03069...填料函的尺寸(依據 ISO 3069)

    • 麻煩國貿英文高手幫忙翻譯解釋謝謝

      ... can refer to our website to get more information about our products...the way, I have not yet informed you the dimension of the steel wheels of item 08 and 25 those you...