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    • (使)減少,(使)變小
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    • 這句英文中的diminish和despite的意思@

      這裡的despite是雖然,diminish則是縮小。 整句的意思是: 我無法不注意到他小腿以下都溼透了,雖然有火...

    • 經濟學原理問題

      1. Diminishing returns to scale means that when more capital, k, used, the less...will <1 of output in return. Therefore to answer the question, diminishing returns to capital would result in a waste of capital to produce an extra unit of...

    • 請幫我翻譯下面這個經濟學的題目:

      Diminishing marginal utility means that 邊際效用遞減的意思是 (A)Mary...