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    • 1. 再三叮囑;反覆告訴 How much longer must I din into your ears the importance of hard work? 努力工作的重要性我還要一而再,再而三地跟你講多少次才行?
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    • 請幫我中翻英!!不要複製翻譯網!!

      ... and magazines, food presentation, the gradually into success, has not only the general public's favorite...17, 1993 The New York Times Din Tai Fung was named the world...

    • Hellgate London †簡介之文法解釋

      ...quot;when") it (副詞子句主詞) blends (動詞) into a permanently darkened sky. 第三句: churm: The mingled din or noise of many voices.

    • the continent's 101

      第二段裏的"the continent"該做何解? The continent = Asia 第二句的continent是與第一句的Asis相對應 第三段裏的"members of the public"又該做何解? Member of the public = general public一般民眾. 也就是開放給大家投票 2013-05-26 21:43:13 補充...