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  1. dinner party


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    • 幫我找一篇英語的論文

      A Dinner Party Polly is a parrot. She likes...come. "Sure.I am going to the dinner party this evening. What do I have to bring...

    • 英文高手請進!!幫翻譯!20點!!急!!

      ..., I am going to a dinner party tomorrow. Do you like to join me? B...? B: isn’t it a formal dinner party? A:NO! It is just a ...

    • 關係詞高考題

      The famous scientist, ______ a dinner party will be held tonight, is to arrive soon...榮耀中; 為推崇其人 in whose honour a dinner party will be held tonight 字面- : 在其榮耀中今晚...