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  1. dinner theater


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    • supper和dinner有什麼不一樣?

      ...a dinner to celebrate his retirement. a charity/society dinner supper: noun [C or U] a main meal "... had an early supper before going to the theatre. 我把一些關鍵字用" "(Quotation ...

    • 傲慢與偏見這些句子發生的先後順序是?

      ... Fitzwilliam arrive. 4. Elizabeth goes to the theatre 3. Lady Catherine invites Elizabeth to dinner. 7. Mr.Darcy tells Elizabeth that he loves...

    • 全民英檢英文問題!!! the movie theater now. He was in the movie theater two hours ago. 2.Mrs. Lee 4.Mary spent 40 minutes cooking dinner. (用take改寫) It took Mary 40 ...