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  1. direct

    • IPA[dəˈrekt]


    • adj.
      extending or moving from one place to another by the shortest way without changing direction or stopping;(of apparent planetary motion) proceeding from west to east in accord with actual motion.
    • adv.
      with no one or nothing in between;by a straight route or without breaking a journey
    • v.
      control the operations of; manage or govern;supervise and control (a movie, play, or other production, or the actors in it)
    • verb: direct, 3rd person present: directs, gerund or present participle: directing, past tense: directed, past participle: directed

    • 釋義



    • 1. with no one or nothing in between buy direct and save
    • by a straight route or without breaking a journey Austrian Airlines is flying direct to Innsbruck again


  2. 知識+

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      direct 除 了 作 形 容 詞 ( adjective ) , 還 可 以 和 directly 一 樣 作 副 詞 ( adverb ) , ... 都 會 選 擇 directly 。  但 direct 其 實 也 可 以 做 副 詞...

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      direct test: a test that measures ability directly by requiring test takers to perform tasks designed...

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      the evaluation might take the form of a teacher-directed interview in which a dialogue with the child...課外作業 或活動 2008-11-21 03:57:40 補充: directed 是形容詞 經過指導的 應用的 assignment 是指...