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  1. direct debit


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    • 英文! once-off 要如何翻譯?

      Direct debit members will incur a once-off $10 administration fee 直接付款的成員,我們...管理費 Once-off 就是說加入某組織成為會員, 終生只收取一次的某項費用 debit /ˋdɛbɪt/ n (a) (in bookkeeping) written note in an account of a sum owed...

    • 自動扣款英文

      由銀行自動扣款 (through) auto-debiting your banking account (through) pre-authorized withdrawal from a...

    • 保險單的英文

      ...減掉5.00歐元的手續費再轉帳到您的銀行帳戶 If you have paid by direct debiting (from your bank), we will reimburse you after a time limit of 14 days...