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  1. direct discourse


    • ph.
      = direct speech
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    • 很急~拜託高手能在3天內解出

      ...所以後面的名詞子句也必須用過去式‧除非將名詞子句改用如下的直接敘述句(direct discourse)表達纔可不用過去式‧ (3)The teacher told Nancy "...

    • face當動詞的用法

      ...something” have exactly the same meaning. They differ only in register or discourse style. When a person wants to sound more direct and forceful, he or she generally would choose the active voice, such as “we face something...

    • 幫忙翻譯英文~急需~!拜託拜託~極需高手幫忙阿!!!

      ...taxol為一種強烈的化療藥物). Notice that this discourse focuses on the user value of environmental resources...that span a much broader range than their direct or in direct value in human consumption . 請注意, 這篇論文...