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  1. direct examination

    • n.
      the questioning of a witness by the party that has called that witness to give evidence, in order to support the case that is being made.
    • noun: direct examination

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    • 這段大意是指.....(關於網路搜尋行為) 急~ our participants performed directed searches, 為了了解我們的學員進行直接搜尋...他們避免關鍵字搜尋, we performed a qualitative examination of our data and uncovered two ...

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      ...蛋白溶解酵素  導致組織壞死及出血的狀況是否存在) direct and indirect Coombs tests were negative...三天的醫療期之後 病患的症狀有改善 A clinical examination revealed severe jaundice, peripheral edema and coagulopathy...

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      ...嗅神經:沒做 視神經:沒做 眼動神經/滑車神經/三叉神經:瞳孔:2.5/2.5mm, direct L.R(指示左右).:+/+ 下垂:無、眼外肌:飽滿 三叉神經:角膜反射...