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  1. disabled list

    • n.
      (in sports) a list of players who are not available for play, owing to injury.
    • noun: disabled list, plural noun: disabled lists

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    • 我想請問英文棒球用語?

      ...指定打擊:designated hitter 盜壘成功:stolen base 受傷名單:disabled list 雙盜壘:double steal 封殺:force out 雙殺:double play 三殺:triple play 犧牲打...

    • 誰可以給我有關棒球的英文單字??

      ...base 26.清壘-complete game 27.指定打擊-designated hitter 28.受傷名單-disabled list 29.雙盜壘-double steal 30.雙殺-double play 31犧牲打-sacrifice hit 32.得點圈-score...

    • 棒球英語新聞:關於王建民的比賽

      marquee pitching matchup(天王對決;王牌投手對決) A Marquee Matchup (but Don't Tell Johnson) Division Series Game(分區系列賽) 美聯分區系列賽(