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    • 社會地位低下的,生活條件差的
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    • 關於英文pros and cons 的問題

      ...母語人士約定俗成的習慣說法,最能達到溝通的目的。 2. advantages and disadvantages 前後也可互換嗎?同樣四億筆的資料庫,advantages and disadvantages...

    • about flight attendant

      The disadvantages are: 1. Long hours away from home and very irregular ...

    • 有人可以幫我翻譯英文麼

      Disadvantages of Taking Public Transportations. There are many disadvantages of taking public transportations. For example...public transportations. It's so terrible that I am not dare to fall asleep, and even close to others on the bus. These are some disadvantages of taking public transportation.