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    disagree about

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    • 請問這句英文的意思是??

      ...一個電影意見不一致。 爭論,爭執[(+on/about)] The two neighbors disagreed bitterly about their boundary line. 這兩個鄰居在住房界線問題上劇烈爭吵。 (食物,天氣...

    • common ground 的用法

      ...that people agree about, especially when there are other things that they disagree about 上句的意思是指特別當人們有不同的意見時, 達成互相同意 ==>達成相互同意...

    • I coundn't disagree more.

      I coundn't disagree more. = 我極為不認同(您的看法), 後面的介系詞請接上 with (某某名詞) 請看...