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  1. disagree with

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    • 1. 與...意見不合 We disagree with them on the point. 我們在這一點上與他們意見不一致。
    • 2. 與...不一致 Her conduct disagrees with her words. 她言行不一。
    • 3. 不適合; (指食物、氣候)對某人有不良影響 The damp climate here disagrees with my mother. 這兒潮濕的氣候不適合我母親。 I feel sick: that fish disagreed with me. 我感到噁心, 那條魚吃得我不舒服。
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    • 中文翻譯 I agree to disagree.

      ...that we can disagree. 亦即:I agree that we can disagree with one other. 解1: 我同意我們可以不同意彼此的意見...agree that we do disagree. 亦即:I agree that we disagree with one other. 解1: 我同意我們有不同意的意見。 解2...

    • 請問這句英文的意思是??

      We turn away from someone we disagree with. = 我們對於意見與我們不合的人只好轉身離去。 vi...天氣等)不適宜,有害[(+with)] Strawberries disagree with me. 我一吃草莓就不舒服。

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      Do you agree or disagree with the following statement ? Parents are the... and copied by their kids. I disagree that parents are the best teachers...