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  1. disappearing act

    • n.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 故意失蹤 to do a disappearing act act or trick 玩故意失蹤
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    • 下列兩句英文翻譯問題,請幫我解答!

      ...two thirds of the world's nineteen polar bear populations will disappear from the earth by the middle of this century. 他們發現全世界僅存ㄉ19隻北極熊有大約2/3即將在本世紀中消失 2.Why don't we act as if we do? 如果我們可以行動ㄉ話為什麼不做?

    • 一句英文翻譯

      凱美朗的盒形照相機在科學展中不見了Cam: CameronBox Camera: 盒形相機 圖片參考: Science Fair: 科學展覽

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      ... solidly 5.Front is appointed work site acting director from to disappear examines to finishes the reassignment 6.Supports engineer from...