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  1. disappointing

    • IPA[ˌdisəˈpoin(t)iNG]


    • adj.
      failing to fulfill someone's hopes or expectations
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    • IPA[dɪsəˈpɔɪntɪŋ]


    • adj.
      failing to fulfil someone's hopes or expectations: the team made a disappointing start it was disappointing that there were relatively few possibilities

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • "go away disappointed"的文法結構

      They won't go away disappointed. = They won't go away...對等子句的結構所改寫的簡單句(go away與be disappointed這兩項資訊同樣重要),disapponted是一個主詞...

    • 英文作文怎麼寫

      ...result] 我用英文稍稍說明一下 可能比較清楚@@    Life is not as disappointing as it may seem somtimes  Many people think life is full of...

    • i hope you rent too disappoint

      他可能有打錯吧 他是希望你不要太失望 應該是I hope you wont too disappointed.還是 I hope you arent too disappointed.吧~~