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  1. disapprove

    • IPA[ˌdisəˈpro͞ov]


    • v.
      have or express an unfavorable opinion about something;officially refuse to agree to
    • verb: disapprove, 3rd person present: disapproves, gerund or present participle: disapproving, past tense: disapproved, past participle: disapproved

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    • IPA[dɪsəˈpruːv]


    • v.
      have or express an unfavourable opinion: Bob strongly disapproved of drinking and driving

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • disapprove的句子 有關它的介系詞問題?

      disapprove + 受詞」 表示 「不接受」 對某件...approve 的相反辭。 所以: We disapprove his rash conduct. 意思是 「我們...件事物 ==> 「不接受」某些事物 「disapprove + 受詞」 表示 「不接受」 某件事物...

    • disapprove的用法  20點

      disapprove 不管是當及物動詞還是不及物動詞都是 "不贊成、反對" 的意思...動詞用時,其後的受詞必須為名詞(或名詞片語、名詞子句).   ex1: I disapprove his opinion.   ex2: We disapprove the unscrupulous behavior such as ...

    • 關於這個字 propagandize

      ...subject to propaganda propaganda [Show phonetics] noun [U] MAINLY DISAPPROVING information, ideas, opinions or images, often only giving...