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    • 丟棄,拋棄,解雇墊牌墊牌,拋棄
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    • 老師出的英文猜謎

      1.You can catch cold but not discard it . (感冒) 2.You can catch the sun but not discard it . (晒黑) 3.You...

    • 麻煩大大們翻譯此句, 謝謝幫忙呢ㄟ

      One statement was discarded from the scale because of its poor loading on the factor. >> 由於...

    • 請問 英文文法字首

      Discard the things you don't need before you start to work. 基本上就是祈使句的原因 eg.你會聽到 Sit down, please. 這時候也沒有變化阿! 這是某種縮略的手法,因為口語的方便,省略主詞的用法。