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  1. disclosure

    • IPA[dɪsˈkləʊʒə]


    • n.
      the action of making new or secret information known;a fact, especially a secret, that is made known
    • noun: disclosure, plural noun: disclosures

    • 釋義
    • 相關詞


    • n.
      (especially in a legal context) the fact or practice of not making information known: most miscarriages of justice have their roots in the non-disclosure of evidence

    Oxford Dictionary

    • n.
      a contract by which one or more parties agree not to disclose confidential information that ... all staff sign non-disclosure agreements, thus ensuring the confidentiality of any proprietary information

    Oxford Dictionary

    • 更多解釋
    • IPA[disˈklōZHər]


    • n.
      the action of making new or secret information known: a judge ordered the disclosure of the government documents

    Oxford American Dictionary

  2. 知識+

    • transport disclosure 是什麼意思?

      ..., visits by client service personnel, or other means of transport disclosure.# 你這是商業書信的內容嗎? 可翻譯為 (關於訂單生產?) 溝通和後續追蹤的部分...


      ...不擁有confidential information的智慧財產權(IP rights),所以只能進行disclosure同意的活動:customer development. 其餘不得揭露(對必要知道資訊的客戶之外)、製造...

    • 爆料的英文怎麼說?

      disclosure (n.) The paper's disclosure schocked the public. 該報的爆料震驚了社會大眾 註: 動詞 disclose