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  1. discount house

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    • 有關打折的英文,discount或percent off用法

      ...price =從定價減去百分之五 He sold his house for $5,000.=他以五千元賣了房子。 不能寫成This... commodity in this store has the highest discount? 2. 這家店裡,鉛筆和剪刀的打折的幅度很高 =...

    • 英文翻譯(吉屋招租)~急

      ...and internet. a cash pledge NT$ 24,000, before entering Special discount; no house- agent, the rent for . first month is NT$ 10,000 only...

    • 這英文句子所指的免費是何種情形?

      Other great membership benefits include: *25% discount at Bay Bookstore *Free coffee with any bakery purchase at Casual Cup Coffee House 1.全句翻譯:會員享有福利有二:(1)在Bay書局買書享有75折優惠...