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  1. discounted cash flow

    • IPA[ˌdisˈkoun(t)əd ˈkaSH ˌflō]
    • n.
      a method of assessing investments taking into account the expected accumulation of interest.
    • noun: discounted cash flow

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      ...-of-thumb techniques 經驗法 mortgage lender 抵押放貸者 vacancy 空房 discounted cash flow models 折現值現金流量模型 expectation 期望值 letting 出租 equity...

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      ...現金的結束營業大拍賣。 This is a close-out sale fighting for cash-flow fund. close-out (sale) 清倉大拍賣;拋售;跳樓大拍賣 close down 停業 cash-flow fund...

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      一、 discount rate is 10%,present value : 720*1.1^-1+930*1.1^-2+1190*1.1^-3+1275*1.1^-4 =3188.05 discount rate is 18%,present value : 720*1.18^-1+930*1.18^-2+1190*1.18^-3+1275*1...