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  1. discouraged

    • KK[dɪsˋkɝɪdʒd]
    • DJ[disˋkʌridʒd]


    • adj.
    • 相關詞
    • vt. 使洩氣,使沮喪

    • She was discouraged by setbacks. 她因挫折而灰心了。

      Don't let one failure discourage you. 不要因為一次失敗就洩氣。

    • adj. 令人沮喪的,使人洩氣的

    • It's discouraging that so many students have failed. 那麼多學生考不及格,真令人洩氣。

    • vt. 使灰心

    • to become discouraged 變得沮喪

      don't be discouraged! 別洩氣!

    • adj. 令人洩氣的

    • 使泄氣,使沮喪

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    • 令人氣餒的

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    • ph. 說服某人不要..., 勸阻, 打消

    • We tried to discourage him from climbing the mountain without a guide. 我們設法勸他不要無響導而去爬山。

      We discouraged him from giving up the job. 我們勸他不要放棄那份工作。

    • ph. 阻攔,勸阻

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    • 氣餒的

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    • 請問discourage frustrate有什麼不同?

      discourage: 1.使洩氣,使沮喪 2.勸阻;打消 人/物 discourage 人 from Ving She was discouraged by setbacks...

    • 英文~語意問題we must not discourage

      ...雙重否定」之措辭, 而是在於「語意似乎矛盾」的理解混淆. ....., we must not discourage anyone from choosing an occupation simply because of his/her gender...

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      ...有中斷阻止的意味,但charge for trash disposal 並不能真的做到中斷阻止。 反觀 discourage, it means deprive of courage, hope, or confidence. 政府在這是希望藉由隨袋徵收...