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    • 挫折,沮喪,氣餒;阻礙,攔阻
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    • 被打槍的英文怎麼說

      ...slap+in+the+face slap in the face: an insult; an act that causes disappointment or discouragement. - Losing the election was a slap in the face for the club president. 2010...

    • 急!!!Essay

      ... related to race evokes negative emotions, it could be a discouragement to who hasn't well-prepared in the modern classroom. 2. If there...

    • 急~這兩段英文的主題及作者重要的訊息是什麼?

      ...movement characteristic of a dead thing, to which the automatic human reaction is helpless discouragement. Be for the successful leader, failure is a beginning, the springboard...