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    • discourse的名詞複數
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      ... all kinds of fresh possibilities for shared discourse,from the serious to the ludic,such as an opportunity to contribute to an online novel or add...

    • 請幫我翻譯一句英文(不要google翻譯)

      Discourse analysis: The study of broad speech units comprising...語句(可以是書面文字,可以是口述的表達)的廣泛研究。 一段談話或「論述」(discourse) 是由許多「命題」(proposition) 所構成。「論述分析」(discourse analysis...

    • 不懂這個discourse. 請各位幫忙.

      1. I think whatever *A* was talking about (the flowers), s/he only made a comment of his observation or comparison. 2. *I thought they'd had it.* - I thought they were dead!