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    • U發現,發覺;C被發現的事物
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    • 請問price discovery is the proce

      price discovery is the process by which markets incorporate this information to arrive at equilibrum...incorporate this information to arrive at equilibrum asset prices "by" price discovery. 用意是在強調"藉由"價格發現的過程 來使物價達到它的均衡... 2006...

    • detect 與 discovery,這兩字的內涵有何不同?

      ...過才發覺的 所以並不一定是積極的 再用 discover 的延伸字加深你對它的瞭解 discovery 發現 [n.] Electricity is one of the greatest discoveries...

    • 請問price discovery is typically

      Price discovery is typically documented by noting the speed at which price react...一項傳進市場的最新消息的反應速度,詳實地記錄下來。 註釋: Price discovery 市場定價,指一項商品(如石油或黃豆等)或證券在交易市場上,透過供給(supply...