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    • 區別,差別待遇
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    • discriminating palates 是什麼意思??

      ...which is not to be confused with continental Athenian cuisine. Discriminating palates will be able to tell the difference, with the sparse use of spices...

    • charge to和discriminate的用法

      discriminate 有兩個意思: 1. 區分:discriminate right from wrong就是區分對錯,也就是辨別是非。(=distinguish) 2. 按某種類別來區分,無視於個別價值,或展現偏見:discriminate against women就是歧視女性。 種族歧視就是racial discrimination.

    • 關於英文的問題...關係子句吧...

      People (who discriminate according to race) are racists. who discriminate according...指的就前面的 People,是以主詞的型態來呈現 所以後面可以直接接動詞 discriminate 希望有點幫助?!