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    • 有關於祈使句的幾個問題

      ...ㄟ 但是你應該這樣看句子 When making a presentation , ___avoid________ discussing matters already known to the audience. avoid+Ving 本來後面就加動名詞 所以...

    • such與such as詞性分析 matters.=他對金錢方面的事情漫不經心。 I don't want to discuss this matter.=我不想談這件事(不用代表東西的thing) 通常discuss會搭配matter, issue, proposal...

    • 請給我最佳的公司推薦信翻譯~~給20點

      ... in your product- plus careline on 804 6399. In order to discussing cooperation matters, please reply us as soon as possible. Our E-mail: