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    disgrace oneself

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    • 窮也要窮得有志氣(英文怎麼說?)

      ... is not a sufficient cause of disgrace, but poverty without resolution to help oneself is a disgrace. 貧窮並不可恥,窮而不爭氣才可恥。 2010-03-28 07:36:49 補充: "poverty...

    • 用十個單字組成一篇文章~~~

      ...d just witnessed. She said, in the first place, the men just quarreled with each other..., shouting "what you did would 【disgrace】 yourself and your family!" And...

    • 請幫我把中文字編故事改成英文

      ...the people who bought drugs out . It is said that one who brings disgrace on his group . However the little girl could not have been ...