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  1. disk

    • n.
      US spelling of disc, also widely used in computing contexts
  2. 知識+

    • DISC是什麼意思?

      disc 是 "diskette" 的縮寫. diskette 原來是以前的磁片, 後來變成 "disk" or "disc" diskette ==> disk ==> disc 光碟出現以後, (CD = "compact disc"), disc 就是光碟的稱呼

    • ”reformat disk”是什麼意思啊?急用!

      嗯, 樓上大大說的好像是 disk defragment 哩..reformat disk 的中文應該是將mp3機內置的快閃記憶體重新格式化...

    • 硬盤的組織和不同

      ... process of initializing these logical blocks on the physical disk platters is called low level formatting which is...