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    • 關於because的用法

      ...你不應該只因某人窮,而瞧不起他。 He didn't accept it because he disliked it. 他並不是因為不喜歡,而沒接受它。 或可譯作:他因為不喜歡,而沒接受它...

    • 有8句英文句子,請用英文回答下列句子

      ...tasty, and does not cost too much, but I know I SHOULD dislike it, as everyone knows; fast food is not good to our health. 2. ...

    • 請幫我把一段中文翻成英文~急

      ...historical culture of reading this country. But still it is insufficient to dislike. It is a good method to participate in the corporation and community activity. By...