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  1. dismissal

    • IPA[dɪsˈmɪsl]


    • n.
      the act of ordering or allowing someone to leave;the act of removing someone from employment or office; discharge
    • noun: dismissal, plural noun: dismissals

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    • n.
      the changing of an employee's job or working conditions with the aim of forcing their ... employees may be entitled to claim constructive dismissal

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • IPA[ˌdisˈmis(ə)l]


    • n.
      the act of ordering or allowing someone to leave: their controversial dismissal from the competition

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • dismiss/dismissal在句中的意思

      ...句一:Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's DISMISSAL of almost half the U.S. electorate in a secretly recorded video...


      請盡可能地確實填寫以下訊息。任何虛假的陳述都將成為解僱的理由。 Ground (n) for 為.....理由 ground為複數名詞,而非動詞用。 有些片語若不確定,其實都可以查詢線上字典。 像是雅虎,會有詞性及例句;都可以協助我們更了解意思。 Hope it helps

    • 英文造句(兩個生字)

      1.(作為結果而)接著發生的 His negligence of duty and subsequent dismissal from his job brought on a crisis in his life. 他玩忽職守...