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  1. dismiss

    • IPA[dɪsˈmɪs]


    • v.
      order or allow to leave; send away;remove from employment or office, typically on the grounds of unsatisfactory performance
    • verb: dismiss, 3rd person present: dismisses, gerund or present participle: dismissing, past tense: dismissed, past participle: dismissed

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    • IPA[disˈmis]


    • v.
      order or allow to leave; send away: she dismissed the taxi at the corner of the road

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • dismiss的意思

      1.讓...離開;把...打發走[(+from)] He was dismissed from the hospital a week later. 他一週之後出院了。 2.免...的職;解雇...

    • dismiss/dismissal在句中的意思

      ...句一:Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's DISMISSAL of almost half the U.S. electorate in a secretly recorded video...

    • He just dismissed the whole ~?

      在此 just有 僅僅,只是 的意思 dimiss為 不考慮 的意思 有點像不管或不理會 whole是 完整,全部 的意思 He just dismissed the whole thing. 他(連理都不理就直接)不考慮整件事.