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    • 無秩序的,亂的,騷動的
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    • 經濟英文高手,請幫女孩翻譯一段文章,感恩不盡!

      Disorderly Workout. Following Sachs (1999, a disorderly workout occurs...liquidation even though the borrower is worth more as an ongoing enterprise. A disorderly workout occurs especially when markets operate without the benefit of creditor...

    • 英文作文訂正

      ... in My HometownNoisy, crowded, disorderly and dirty, what the traditional food market in my hometown...the market is no longer noisy, crowded, disorderly and dirty, then it may not  be called “traditional market...

    • 麻煩請翻譯成英文 拜託嚕

      Before to your not respect  Disorderly to you take nickname  Real excuse me  Must finish everybody all...