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  1. dispense with


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    • 1. 省掉 The new invention has dispensed with much labour. 這一新發明節省了大量勞動力。
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    • 請問dispense with的解釋用法?

      dispense with的片語是刪除的意思或可解釋為:沒有---也無所謂1. the plot is dispensed with in a handful of campy cut scence.這個情節刪掉一些不自然的場景後也還好.2....

    • 請問The computer .......的文法對嗎?? includes the hardware and the software, not one of them can be dispensed with. 電腦包含了硬體與軟體,兩者缺一不可。 這句文法是對的。 其中 dispense with...

    • 請教兩句英文翻譯一個單字解釋

      ...蜘蛛網(因為缺少be動詞,未形成完整的句子,只是一個名詞)。 2.We can dispense with the dish-washer since it is not functioning well and we hardly use it...