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    • 意見不同的,不同意的,不贊成的意見不同的人,不贊成者
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    • 請英文高手幫幫忙~急用

      ...repurchase 75000 shares of Hampton's $10 par value stock from several dissident shareholders at an aggregate cost of $3 million. 漢普頓中斷貸款在1798年12...

    • 翻譯紐約時報2011/03/07的新聞 英翻中

      ... and detained in the same manner — though hardly as roughly — as political dissidents. 西方國家的新聞記者在近期終於勉強的被中國所接受,但中東地區的革命事件...

    • 「upon one's arrival at ...」的解析 = as soon as he arrived at... (時態與strove一致) A dissident strove to seek political asylum upon his arrival at the United...