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    • 分離,使分離,使脫離,遊離
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    • 醫學小兒文章~煩請翻譯~10點

      ...the baby. As a result of this in-creased stability, the baby can use more dissociated upper and lower extremity patterns of movement when playing in the...

    • 我要 Vocabulary 2001~4000的4.5課單字

      ...;with> n.[C]②夥伴;③同事 ①=relate; ↔dissociate ②=partner ③=colleague association n.[C]①協會[U...

    • 字源的問題-cute

      ...form of a word can take on a life of its own, developing a sense that dissociates it from the longer word from which it was derived. Cute...