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  1. distinguish

    • IPA[dɪˈstɪŋgwɪʃ]



    • vt.
      區分;使得以區分; 是…的特徵
    • vi.
    • 過去式:distinguished 過去分詞:distinguished 現在分詞:distinguishing

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 區分 to distinguish sb./sth. from sb./sth. 將…和…區分開來 to distinguish right from wrong 明辨是非
    • 2. 使得以區分; 是…的特徵 what distinguishes sport from games? 體育何以有別於遊戲?
    • 3. 辨別出


    • 1. 區分 to distinguish between red and green 分辨紅色和綠色


    1. recognize or treat (someone or something) as different

    2. be an identifying characteristic or mark of

    3. manage to discern (something barely perceptible)

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    • Distinguish Tropical(10點)

      There are certain storm classifications that distinguish types of storms: Tropical Depression, ...

    • recognize & distinguish

      ... him,I could hardly _ him. A)recognize B)distinguish 答案是A),那B)可以嗎? recognize是辨認、認出, 針對一項的人...

    • distinguish four word

      Who can discriminate between catastrophe and catastrophy? And disaster.calamity I wonder whether they differ from each other. =============================================您好, 首先要說明的是, 依據確認的結果 正式的英文並沒有catastrophy這個字 所以該字的部份, 我先保留原先的英文 我先將全部翻譯為中文...