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    • 有關yet使用的問題

      ...yet 是否定字沒錯 翻譯作"尚未" 2. The district sales manager has the honor. 如果我改成 ...不可當形容詞 它的形容詞是 honorable 你應該是想寫 a man of honor 吧 不確定你要什麼? 2008-09-23 15:42:36 補充...

    • 我有三題英文的文法問題!!!

      ... her first teaching position at a district school near her home, people were extremely ...稱為連綴動詞, 後面接形容詞是正常的. 題三: The man who invented synthetic dyes. →請問這裡的"...

    • 關於力霸的英語新聞2

      ...that they had filed for bankruptcy reorganization with the Taipei District Court.