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  1. dive

    • IPA[daɪv]



    • vi.
      跳水;潛水; 下潛
    • n.
      跳水;潛水; 下潛
    • 過去式:dived 過去分詞:dived 現在分詞:diving

    • 名詞複數:dives

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 跳水
    • 2. 潛水; 下潛
    • 3. 俯衝
    • 4. 猛衝; 猛地伸手 to dive under the bed/into the bushes 急忙鑽到床底下/灌木叢裡 to dive into one's pocket/bag 突然把手伸進口袋/袋子
    • 5. 突然下降; 突然失落; 突然轉壞


    • 1. 跳水
    • 2. 潛水; 下潛 to be on a dive 在潛水
    • 3. 俯衝 to go into a dive 開始俯衝 to pull out of a dive 停止俯衝
    • 4. 猛撲 to make a dive for sth. 撲向某物
    • 5. 假摔; 佯裝被擊倒; 假摔 to take a dive 佯裝被擊倒
    • 6. 突然下降; 突然失落 to take a dive 突然下降 the party's fortunes have taken a dive 該黨的時運急轉直下
    • 7. 低級酒館; 低級夜總會


    1. plunge head first into water with one's arms raised over one's head

    2. swim under water using breathing equipment

    3. move quickly or suddenly in a specified direction

    4. a plunge head first into water

    5. a sudden movement in a specified direction

    6. a disreputable nightclub or bar

  2. 知識+

    • 誰能幫我翻譯DIVE TO THE NIGHT的歌詞

      ...愛今二人だけの世界へ 到現在只屬於兩個人的世界去DIVE TO THE NIGHT   DIVE ...活著あの星に届くように 就好像寄託在那顆星星上DIVE TO THE NIGHT  DIVE ...

    • 去潛水的英文是scuba dive 那過去式是什麼!!!

      scuba-dive 是帶著氧氣筒(水肺)的潛水, 這是動詞原式. 例: You first must determine whether you are physically able to scuba-dive. Even if you know how to swim, scuba-diving can be tiring, so...

    • diving 用法

      scuba-diving 是『複合名詞』 結構就像 book-store 一樣 很多這類的複合名詞,後來中間的 - 都省略掉 go Ving 的句型 是 go + 動名詞 go scuba-diving 是其中之一 (如上所言, scuba 和 diving 都是名詞) go + Ving...