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  1. divergence

    • IPA[dʌɪˈvəːdʒ(ə)ns]


    • n.
      the process or state of diverging;a difference in opinions, interests, etc.
    • noun: divergence, plural noun: divergences

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    • 中文的逸散該怎麼用英文表示

      diverge (v.) divergence (n.) 這個字有發散逸出之意 這個字是converge收斂聚合的反義字 應該符合你想要表達的意境 供你參考

    • 有關論文英文翻譯,請前輩指導~~

      ...wild collection. If there introgressive hybridization between the two will increase nucleotide divergence Hybrid species should jointly analyze. Studies (quotation here...

    • 中翻英 求翻譯程式 appellation 2.永遠→forever、always、ever、in perpetuity、for good 3.差異→difference、divergence、discrepancy、diversity 4.設計師→designer、creator 5.品格涵養→品格:quality and style...