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    • 請問這九個英文慣用語的意思?

      ...4.odd man out (分組時)剩下一人 ex:That boy is always the odd man out when the children are divided into teams. 5.up to the mark達到標準的 6.rose to the occassion是rise to the occassion(應付...

    • 中翻英!!英文專家幫我看看有沒有錯字還有文法對不對!20點!

      ...level correlated with the hair piece up and down two drop location, and each of the subsequent..., thus giving rise to the clear dividing line can help the user to divide out the correct location of the partition. When...

    • 急 幫我翻這段 贈10點

      ...sea on four sides、have brought up a lot of peculiar ecological view of Taiwan... no longer that the sharp sword dividing time divides out time perfectly、but one graceful to cover with curve...