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    • 分開的,分裂的
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    • (英文) 有關 “divide” 的片語分析~3Q

      divide A into B 分 to divide into parts; to separate into parts to allot; to distribute...into groups; to group into 岔 a fork in a road or river to divide into branches 等分 to divide into equal parts; to...

    • divide/seprate/partition及split

      Divide ----- v. to divide an apple v. A wall divides two houses. v. to divide the profit n. If you divide 30 by 5, the answer is 6. separate ----- v. ...the cost of the dinner 分擔 to share分享 n. 裂口 缺口 adj. 以下左右兩邊的字 有意義重疊處 但並非全部一樣的意思 多參考不同的字典中例句 可體會不同之處 split ≒ divide partition ≒ separate separate ≒ divide

    • Digital divide 是什麼意思哩

      digital divide 是網路化後新的字. 在網路化後,有電腦可以上網的人,可以收集到更多的資料...更多的知識;沒錢的,沒辦法收集資料,學習到更多的知識. 這是數位時代造成的 divide, 也就有了這個新詞, digital divide. 2007-03-12 13:15:48 補充: The key...